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Originally Posted by Wheatley View Post
must be nice muley, I have a 5 hour drive to where I hunt. What projectiles are you using? I have some no excuses conicals that don't like to be shot out of my Knight. I think I need something about .002 larger in diameter. I had bought them to hunt elk with but never have got around to trying another bullet.
As Muley stated, you should try the Thors:

He doesn't list them, but he now has 300 gr ballistic tip bullets. You just shoot him an email to order and he will send you the bullets with an invoice that you then send in to him (doesn't take credit)

Also, you should try some 350 gr Hornaday FPBs. They shoot well in my knight and I have taken two elk with them.

If you want to stay with big lead projectiles, you can order whatever size you want from Bullshop:

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