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Past 8 seasons I have a great hunting set-up. Great camp with plenty of acreage ... complete with skinning shed and walk-in cooler. (I am ruined I am afraid !) But that was not always the case. For some 20+ years, I had a camp alright, but it was "primitive". I'd bring a large "marine" type ice chest, probably 60-80 quart size, that I would fill with blocks of ice that had been frozen in my freezer using 1 gallon ice cream buckets as the "form". And 4-6 two-liter bottles filled with water. If I killed a deer, I'd skin it and wash down good with the cold water, then ice it down good. With a good quality cooler, and plenty of ice, having enough for 2-3 day hunt was not a big deal. I would check it daily and drain off the excess water. On my way home drop it off at a local processer. There was not requirement for tagging back then. Now here in Alabama, the tagging is done upon recovery but there is no "check-in" requirement. As far as getting the deer out of the woods? It was no big deal to drag it to a woods road, then retrieve it with an ATV or truck. But I was a lot younger then. Dragging was a chore, but man more than a quarter mile kills me now !! Getting old and soft !
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