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Default Need help understanding advanced text

I start by warning you of this wall of text, however I really need some help now and truly appreciate it! It's concerning the answer I got from Dep. of Commerce below.

Thank you for the new links and info about the bushnell 4200! And thanks for giving me a picture about how big Cabela are!

I'm sorry I haven't been able to give any updates or answer until now, I've just had a huge exam this weekens and was pretty ill the days before it. The exam went well so thats a big relief! hehe

I've been having alittle problem now since last time I updated here. It's all bureaucracy and maybe someone can help me out with it since I'm getting alittle bit frustrated with it since I'm way too unfamiliar with US laws and stuff.

I was about to send my order with the Bushnell 4200 and a Nikon Prostaff at Cabelas (bargain cave) But as I checked out it said I wasn't allowed to take them outside the US. I've read that there should be any problem (on a Swedish forum) to bring out regular scopes, but night vision and red-dots is more problematic.

Since it's my sister who is going to bring it home to me I dont want her to get into any trouble at all because of me so I need to be 110% sure its completly legal and no documents nor papers or anything else. That's why I wrote a e-mail to the departure of commerce to ask if it was legal to just put it in their and bring hoem for private use.
I cannot understand the text and what I should do which makes me alittle bit frustrated, maybe someone can help me on this one?
I've tried to get into contact (e-mail) with the US customs but I cant find any adress, does anyone know how to get into contact with them via e-mail?

The answer from US Dep. of Commerce. (My question was, is it legal to put regular hunting optics in the luggage and bring home to Sweden for private-use?)
"Thank you for your inquiry to BIS regarding the export licensing requirements for optics or rifle scopes used with hunting rifles. In your correspondence you state the final destination for these rifle scopes is Sweden. Here at BIS we determine the export licensing requirements on a case-by-case basis for all export transactions that are subject to our jurisdiction and regulations. We review the details of the transaction starting with the item and the appropriate ECCN or Export Control Classification Number covering the item's capabilities. We then review where the item is exported, who will be the end-user and what will be the end-use? Without reviewing all of these details, BIS can not provide a definitive answer as to when an export license is required. When identifying the ECCN for an item, there are a couple of options. Contacting the manufacturer is generally the quickest source of the ECCN. The next quickest option is for anyone familiar enough with the item and the item's capabilities to compare the capabilities against the technical parameters found under the ECCN entries located on the Commerce Control List (CCL), within part 774 of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). The other option is to request the engineers at BIS to identify the ECCN for you. This option will take much longer than the first two options because that request must be made by submitting an application to BIS electronically using our SNAP-R system, which is accessible from the BIS website: Look for the link On Line Submissions, which will be found on the left side of the BIS homepage. If you have any further questions as you attempt to identify the ECCN for the rifle scopes, please do not hesitate to contact me for further guidance, and again thank you for your inquiry to BIS."

What does this mean put in simple english? What must I do?

Thank you very very much for all help, and ideas and everything you can contribute with!

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