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Originally Posted by psandhu
There are 2 major chains of outdoor sporting gear here in the U.S. One is Cabela's and one is Bass Pro Shops. They both have good websites that you can browse and compare their prices to other places that have the things you want to buy.

Have you sister go to one of their stores (if there is one near to where she lives) and buy the things on your list. Or she can order it online and ship it to you (or fly back with it if it's not too bulky)
Originally Posted by duckhunter578 View Post

Try this site for hunting gear.

Thanks you very very much for thoose tips and links! I really appreciate it! I've been looking alittle into Cabela before but the others I havent seen before.

Is there any site that lists used scopes and stuff for cheaper prices then buying new ones? And is there any rifle scope you can recommend me to look closer into? I hope there isnt already another thread about this, if so I'm sorry for posting about it here.

I have another question aswell, I guess its just a matter of checking it up, however I have no clue as to where to check it. If I should order stuff to my sister and have her post it to me, is there anyway to check what the costs for posting it to Sweden could be approximitely? I've found a few things that are alittle too big for her suitcase but I dont want to order it if the cheap prices get eaten up by expensive shipping costs.

Again, thanks alot for your help mates!
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