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Talking Help with equipment for a beginner

Heya all American hunters!

Since I'm completly new to this forum, here comes a short presentation of myself. If you dont want to read this just continue down past the line
I'm 22 years old and gonna start hunting this autumn, I'm also from Sweden (hopefully you will understand my sw-english anyway ). I'm taking a course right now in hunting and will start practice shooting as soon as the spring shows up alittle bit more on this side of the world again. I have a labrador which also is why I got into hunting, I wanted to train with him and the natural choice was to track up hurt animals (whats the english word for a tracking dog that search for shotdamaged/car hit animals?)
Well, enough about me, if you want to know more about me just ask! Oh, I also live in the southern most part of Sweden.
I have a few questions, which I havent gotten any answers on so far, hopefully theres someone in here who can help me out

I have a sister that is currently in LA but will be going home in a few months. Everything in USA is between 2times upto 10 times cheaper then in Sweden so I figured she should buy a few things for me before going home.

But since I'm a rookie hunter at the moment and I have no knowledge of the american market of equipment maybe you can help me find and order a few things?

I'm looking for a website with good prices and lots of fun and usefull things to buy. Maybe their is a site that almost every hunter knows and use because of their good prices?

I'm mainly looking into optics and callers.
In Sweden I will hunt crows, pigeons, ducks, redfoxes, wildboars, mooses, roe deer bucks, canadian gooses and greylag goose. So I'm looking for good and good-priced callers for thoose animals, is there any special kind you can recommend and a site that sells them? In Sweden a caller is almost never cheaper then 30$ ! So imagine having all equipment to buy exept clothing and having to pay at least 30$ per each caller, its alittle bit too much for a student.

I also wanna buy optics. I haven't tried any yet so I have no bigger knowledge of optics but as far as i understand 3-9x is the optimal to start with? I dont know why but I want the scope to be alittle huge rather x50 then 40, does it give me better lightinput?

I have been looking into Trijicon accupoint TR22 alot, its alot cheaper then here (I found one Swedish supplier, he took 2000$ for that scope ) but I think even if its cheaper its still alittle bit expensive to buy a new one. Do you know any good site with used items like ebay but with hunting gears and such? Maybe the Trijicon is possible to find cheaper on the used-market?

I have also been looking alittle bit into Bushnell , they are alot cheaper so I'm thinking of buying one(are they any good?). Is there any special kind/modell or maybe another brand you can recommend or a site which sells them for the best prices? Is there other optics like Trijicon but at lower prices, the red-points aiming is pretty interesting also. I want it cheap, but also good, I rather choose good then cheap since I've heard the optics are the most important piece of your gear, however as I'm a student i cant afford the swarowski's just yet. If you have any tips of good scopes that arent too expensive or know a place where to get a used one in good shape, let me know!

Is there anyway to get your hands on a cheap and working range finder? They cost a fortune here in Sweden, maybe a used-one here aswell?

I would love if you gave me an url of the items if you know a good place to buy it from, so I can buy them straight away

Phew I hope you survived and managed to read thru it all. I'm very very gratefull for all the help you can give me!

Thanks alot from your swedish hunterfriend. Tack!
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