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A couple weeks ago an FWC Officer was hunting in Wesley Chapel & fell out of the stand to his death. Broke his neck AND his back. The older I get (47), the more safety conscious I become. I just bought a second set of snake boots & I already have 3 fall arrest systems for tree stands. Maybe I'm getting paranoid, but friends & relatives are dropping off & I want to stick around a few more years. Chuck, I've been carrying around a Buck 110 in my right front pocket every day of my life for over 20 years now. I can't say it's saved my life yet, but it's proven itself to be invaluable literally hundreds of times the past couple decades. I don't even have to think about it - it's ALWAYS there. I love the idea you heard about with the heavy duty rope tied off above the stand all the way to the ground.I WILL be doing that from now on - great idea! I'll be turkey hunting (from the ground) this coming Saturday in Sarasota - wish me luck all.
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