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Originally Posted by Pro-Line View Post
I'm 6'1 and around 250...but heading lower! I've been hunting out of high stands my entire life. As embarrassing as it is...I'll admit that until I had kids, I never wore a belt of any kind. That was about 7 years ago. I fell when I was young, but walked away and thought I was bullet proof. My kids mean so much to me that I now take tons of precautions.

I started with the single strap and now wear a shoulder harness. I always carry 2 screw in steps and a knife in my front pocket. If need be, I can screw in a step and cut the harness. Then alternate steps until I get down the tree.

Using good equipment and taking your time, imo, lessens your chances of falling...but there's always a chance.

Not sure you can stand on one step, unscrew the other, bend down, and screw it in again. Sounds like a stretch to me. I fell once, but was saved by a safety belt. I was able to turn around, grab the tree, and get back onto my steps. I've also had the bottom part of my climber drop away. You feel helpless quickly. I have lucked out a lot of times.

If I was making a plan, it sure as he11 wouldn't include falling. That's stupid. What if you land on a tree or stick protruding from the ground? I like the ideas about using a self lowering harness system. They are readily available.
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