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I am 37 and this was the first year that I was actually worried about falling. I have never used a harness while in a tree. The very first year that I started bow hunting, I was up pretty good in a TSI (I think it was) stand that had just the metal strap with a rubber piece wrapped around the tree and I happen to have climbed a sycamore tree cause it was a slick and straight, well it started to rain on me and the next thing I knew we both were going down the tree, it slid all the way down the tree at a high rate of speed while I was standing facing away from the tree. After hitting the ground and realizing what had just happened, knees knocking and all, I started to laugh uncontrollably. I could have had a big problem if I were harnessed in. I have used a summit viper now for years and feel very safe in it. Back then we didn't have cell phones, so now I always carry my cell with volume down.

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