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Originally Posted by Gunplummer View Post
The story relates to what has been written here. I started the deal about turning in an unusable deer and getting a new tag and half of you turned it around to try and fit the laws in your state. The point of the story is, not all states have the same laws and regulations and a lot of situations are not even covered by the law. It is not against the law to hit and lose a deer in Pa., as long as you make a reasonable effort to find it. If you turn in a deer that you found a couple days after shooting it and want a new tag the Warden is going to look at you like you are an idiot. That is because you are an idiot. The deer goes on a dump, you get a new tag. What you did was cause a lot of extra work for the warden and gained nothing. That law is in place for someone that TAKES a deer that is not fit for human consumption. If you already used your tag on the unfit animal, you now need a "Replacement" tag to continue hunting.
the story about the woman and the bear is a poor example,seriousely she shot a bear thinking it was a deer??that person should have her guns taken away,btw you right about being an idiot if u turn in a unedable deer,but your also an idiot if your going to post something you did illegaly in the for everyone turning this around to suit our own state or provincial laws,well of course we did and most places have the same law about not taging harvested game,btw sounds to me that a resonable search was not carried out here.
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