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I bought an old Dearborn 2 row planter. It was a model 12-88 or something like that. It was 75 bucks too. After doing some research, I found that Dearborn was orignally made by Ford. Sometime in the early 50's, they changed/dropped the Dearborn name on those planters and renamed them a Ford 309 planter. You can find plastic plates occasionally on Ebay for 10-20 bucks each. Mine came with metal plates that had seed spaces that were way too large for my application. I filled in the seed spaces with epoxy putty (it comes in a tube, you mix it up until it's grey, then shape it into place), let it dry overnight, then used a Dremel tool to grind out seed openings in the dried putty that were appropriate for the seed size I was planting.
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