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Originally Posted by Gunplummer View Post
I think some of the "ethical" stuff here is really over the top. Not all states have the same game laws and if you got a ticket it would be up to the courts to decide who was in the right. A recent article in the Pennsylvania Game News magazine is a good example. A bear was reported dragging itself along a road and it was assumed it was hit by a car. It turned out it was shot in the spine (during deer season). Long story short, the Wardens trailed the bear and found the woman that shot it. The woman said she saw something moving in the bushes and thought it was a deer. She got no ticket because there is no law covering killing a bear by mistake.
Anyway, I really don't pay attention to "super law abiding hunters" since I caught a rather well known outdoor writer intentionally breaking the game law when I was checking my fox traps one day.
dont know how that relates to shooting a dear, finding it days later and not tagging it as not wanting to lose a tag on a nonusable deer,
but wardens generally have leeway on issuing fines and such,,
they are generally leniant on young and new hunters,
as for this lady?
hard to believe mistaking a bear for a deer,
probably only excuse she could give,
what can she say? shot a bear without a tag and out of season?
hope she doesnt mistaken me for a deer as i hunt pa woods
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