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I had the brilliant plan of going Bow hunting with a buddy about two weeks after I had ACL reconstruction. I was still technically on crutches... but thought hunting sounded like a great idea. He carried a ladder back in for me, then ran my climbing stand up the tree to around 12 feet. We set the ladder up and I went up and got situated. I had the brilliant idea of tying the ladder to the bottom of my climber with my drag rope and then lowering the ladder to the ground so that the deer wouldn't see it.
Wellllll The bottom of my climber ended up dropping out of the tree. The ladder was tied to the bottom of the climber and now I'm stuck.
I called my buddy several times and couldn't get him. So I decided I'd better come out of the tree before it got worse. I lowered my bow with the rope I use for it, Unhooked my harness, Hung from the front bar of the top part of my climber, lined up my drop and let myself fall.
Thankfully I was able to safely land on my good leg and didnt cause any damage.
I think having a plan in place is a great idea, I didn't have anything planned but it worked thankfully. And my drop was relatively low.
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