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Originally Posted by halfbakedi420 View Post
I aint gonna ride ya hard, but you should put your tag on that deer!
Then it will be more of a lesson learned, instead of someone unsure about his shooting skills, or lack of going to every extent to recover game, but is out there anyway makin swiss cheese outta everything, cause he cant find a deer to tag it, because they are layin down dead every where!using the same tag to kill 20 deer and not recovering it.
By all means i aint sayin that is you, you just need to pick a side.
**** happens....we've lost deer too.
I made my daughter tag one she shot, never recovered, and was taken by another hunter the following year. Shouldn't take that shot unless your absolutely sure!!!
Go find your head, make a skull mount, thats tagged!!! Be proud of that 6 point, he gave his life so you could...(i usually say eat here)....have a nice skull mount.
should tag that deer,
not the greatest feeling using a tag on a deer cant consume,
but the right thing to do nonetheless,
i know people who have spent weeks//entire seasons trying to recover a deer to tag
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