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Default Really botched my buck search...

I'm a new hunter and new member here. Shot a doe so far this season.

Wednesday evening, just after sunset, I shot a buck from my stand from about 30 yrds with buckshot, chest shot. My stand is on an incline just below a ridge. The buck tore up the ridge and disappeared out of sight. The way it took off I thought I missed. I searched where I thought it went, didnt see any blood so I thought I missed.

Get in my stand yesterday and I see vultures and foxes about 100 yrds from where I was searching. I was really upset. It was a nice 6 pointer too. Can't believe I didn't search more.

I know I messed up big time and I've been real hard on myself ever since for screwing it up and fear I lost my last chance at a buck this season. Let this be a lesson!
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