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Default Question for 25-06 reloaders

I'm new to reloading the 25-06 rem. I fact I'm so new that the redding dies haven't arrived yet! I've got 75 gr. & 87 gr. bullets coming also. I'm wondering what powder(s) produce the highest velocities from a 24" barrel? Which bullets / weights are likely to give the best accuracies? I'm not new to reloading, and I'm not about to just load something because someone said .... I'll start low and work my way up. I'm just interested in powder / bullet combinations that others have had good success with to shorten my learning curve. I just purchased a new browning A-Bolt.

Just so some of you feel a little more comfortable about sharing some info: I've been loading for 8 years now and have worked up some really accurate loads in 204 ruger, 225 win., 22-250, 270 win., 7mm-08, 30-30, and 30-06.

I'd appreciate hearing from you 25-06ers.

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