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Who the hell cares what conference wins the Super Bowl? Is that your back up plan? "Well the Ravens didn't win but at least the AFC did.....! woot we rock!AFC AFC AFC.........." Going to go get some AFC T-shirts after the Super Bowl? So let me get this straight. You compete against your rivals all season. Hate them during the season and while you're playing. Then all of the sudden you love em because they got the conference that the team that you like happens to be in a Super Bowl? Yikes. Kind of like the whole SEC thing. I just don't get it. What goes on down there?

Golly if the Yankees don't make the playoffs I really hope the Red Sox win it all. The ACC is the best conference in basketball I'm so happy Duke is # 1 so UNCs conference can be considered the best. Go Duke keep up the good work buddies! Are you serious?
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