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I get a rush from passing on Deer,this past year I had 5 Deer run up by my stand..I waited and watched for a Buck but didn't see any with them or behind the herd of Doe's...I ended up shooting the large lead Doe.She ran about 50 yards up behind my stand and fell into a brush pile that was cut up for timber stand improvements...as I watched and waited the other 4 Doe's came back to investigate what happen to their leader?I watched them for over 30 minutes (with a bonus tag in hand) watching them and hoping a nice Buck would come in,they left and about 45 minutes later a nice 6-Point Buck came into view...I decided to let him walk because I knew from trail camera pictures that there was 3 other Bigger Bucks in the same area.

Fast forward to the next day in the same stand,I'm Hunting with my Bonus Any-Deer Tag and I can shoot a Buck or tag another Doe?I'm sitting there from just before sunrise til about 8:30 AM when I hear something behind me while I'm up in my 17 foot ladder stand,4 Does walk in and feed behind me,I'm shaking a little,yet still excited to see more Deer the next day form the same stand...well I look to my right up by the logging road and here comes 2 more Doe's and a button Buck...then after watching them a little while a different 6-Point Buck comes from out of the woods off the same logging road and circles around the other Deer,then a Spike Buck comes rushing in chasing a Doe in Estrous and they leave running all around the woods.I had a total of 10 Deer around me for about 45 minutes to an hour.....it doesn't get any better then that!I ended passing on all the Deer because I was looking for a nicer Buck to harvest....my waiting paid off because I ended up getting a nice 8-Point Buck the following friday evening.

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