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Originally Posted by travis_ranger2000 View Post
How many of you get just as much of a rush passing on a deer as you do shooting a deer? I personally get just as good of a rush passing as I do taking a deer. It makes me sick to my stomach to read all these threads that state I took 7 deer this year, I kept 1 and gave the other 6 away, or I catch a limit of fish and kept 1 and gave the rest to friends! If the pond or lake is over fished, no one catches any, the same for deer! I use to manage 120 acres here in southern Indiana, I was the only one that hunted the land, never taking a doe and taking just a couple of management bucks as for their racks were messed up, in the 10 yrs doing this turned out to be a trophy deer habitat! When I was a kid there were not many Deer, so we as hunters need to be more conservative on shooting so many deer a year! Just my .02!

Not all areas have just a few deer and are in danger of to many deer being taken. I take out alot of does every year, usually more than 7 and a buck or 2 of the size and age that I choose and I give most of them away. It is different depending on where you are located and the deer numbers you have. So get sick or not what's right for your hunting area is not necessarily right for mine or any one else's.
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