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Originally Posted by travis_ranger2000 View Post
How many of you get just as much of a rush passing on a deer as you do shooting a deer? I personally get just as good of a rush passing as I do taking a deer.
I think its funny that you mention this. This is exactly how I feel and wish more people where like this. I actually think one of my buddy's think I'm kind of strange. The other day I had a 4pt and a doe walk across my field I was hunting over. I lined up on the doe and was actually going to take it and let the buck walk. I lined up on its shoulder and for some reason I was just not able to do it. I waited and waited just watching the deer. The doe soon made it to my incoming route and smelled me. It stopped dead in its tracks and looked directly up at me. I continued to stand and look at the doe though my scope. I literally stood there lined up on her shoulder for 2 minutes while she just stood there trying to make me out. I noticed her slightly bob her head and knew that she was soon to run and it was now or never. I still just couldn't pull the trigger for some reason and she and the buck finally ran off. I had such a rush after this encounter I was almost shaking. I don't know if it was because it was more of a "me vs. deer" since she was looking at me for so long or what. I soon got out of my stand saying to myself "I LOVE THIS STUFF!". I called a friend of mine and told him the story and he just kind of stayed quite like I was stupid or something, lol. This is the same friend of mine though that has no ethic and no doubt would of shot the 4 pt first and then blasted his remaining rounds at the doe as she ran off. I do think this rush depends a lot of course on the amount of deer your use to seeing. Anyway, your not the only one that gets a rush from this. I feel you bro.
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