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Default The rush passing on a deer vs The rush on killing a deer?

How many of you get just as much of a rush passing on a deer as you do shooting a deer? I personally get just as good of a rush passing as I do taking a deer. It makes me sick to my stomach to read all these threads that state I took 7 deer this year, I kept 1 and gave the other 6 away, or I catch a limit of fish and kept 1 and gave the rest to friends! If the pond or lake is over fished, no one catches any, the same for deer! I use to manage 120 acres here in southern Indiana, I was the only one that hunted the land, never taking a doe and taking just a couple of management bucks as for their racks were messed up, in the 10 yrs doing this turned out to be a trophy deer habitat! When I was a kid there were not many Deer, so we as hunters need to be more conservative on shooting so many deer a year! Just my .02!
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