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The last 10 years we have hunted the Selway Bitteroot Wilderness unit 17. I think the wolfs have really hurt the Elk and Deer herds. This year we hunted 6 full days and saw one spike bull and a few deer. In 6 trips we have killed 1 bull and had some chances on others but either didnt get shot or something happen. In 2012 looking to go somewhere that you will see Elk. Looking at the Thorofare but I know they have lots of wolf and grizzlys. Has anyone hunted that area the last couple of years and did you see lots of animals. I also looked at British Columbia but the cost is more than I want to spend. I have enjoyed the experence of the Selway but in 2012 I want to see some animals (not sure how many more trips my age will allow me). If I dont get an Elk that is ok as long as I'm seeing animals.
Thanks for the information
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