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Originally Posted by gman57 View Post
Breechplug, weathers been basically the same here maybe a little better here on LI (only bow till Jan then spec. Mzl/shotgun season) then where I hunt in Greene Co. Going up to cabin this weekend with both Accura and centerfire dont know which one Ill use. No meat in freezer may influence my choice to the .308.The Elite probably wont get to me for a week or so, curiousity got the better of me found one looked good price seemed okay.But my Accura just holds and shoots sweet, I think 3 will will do it for me. Im the same way with Bow hunting and my gear cant seem to have just one or two. Hope weather (wind) eases up right now my flag outside is whipping up a storm.
Dang Gman looks like you got the RAIN and Wind and we got the SNOW and Wind. Hope it does'nt ruin your Hunt that much, I think by Thursday you'll be into the Snow also. Heck this afternoon I could'nt even get to my stand the water in the Swamp was a rageing river, too deep to cross. We got the Rain all day on Tuesday untill 7'45 this morning then it changed to snow. Now it's time to break out the Snow Camo.
Good Luck!
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