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Happy Pappy
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I've got some brewing right now down in the basement from a buck I shot last month. Not sure if it's going to work, but what the heck

Take a pair of deer testicles and cut them open and inside them it is like a paste. Scrape this paste out of both and put in a jar. add to that jar about 4 ounces of Vodka and let set for a couple of months in cool dark place. Then add an equal amount of glycerine 4 ounces. shake it up and add several drops of Tonquin musk. Let sit for at least two months or longer. The longer is sits the better it is. I did not know what the Tonquin musk was so I read up on it on the net. Trappers use it for their fox and other lures. Here is what it said: Tonquin Musk Authentic - Derived from Siberian Deer Musk. Highly Concentrated Oil giving off a sharp penetrating odor. One of the true secrets of old time Fox, Coyote, and Wolf trappers. An excellent ingredient in the formation of lure, also used straight. Popular in better Deer Lure formulas, known as the "Secret" Ingredient.

I suppose you can buy this Tonquin musk at trappers supply places and I would bet a small bottle would last a long while. I saw prices from 4 dollars a ounce bottle and up to 14 so I guess it would pay to shop around. They make a synthetic Tonquin musk too the ads say it is as good. I do not know maybe that is the cheaper stuff.

Here is a other version. Testicles: This is a good ingredient in lures but it also works well on its own. Cut the balls out
of the buck's sack and discard the sack. Cut the balls into a few small pieces, cover with
alcohol and store in a cool dark place for two months or so. When they've soaked long
enough, pull out and discard the pieces of testicle that remain. Add an equal amount of
glycerin and around a teaspoon of tonquin musk.

I suppose you could buy deer lure for the price of the Tonquin musk but the guy claimed this worked very well and it would give you a pretty good supply of lure that is sure.
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