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Well here we go again... First off remember where he was when he shot it, mark that spot. Go to the place you shot at it.This for the most part is where hunters gave a hard time knowing where the deer was standing or walking.If you can't find it don't tear up the place looking. Go back to where you shot, and find out where that animal came from before you shot it.This is easy in snow and mud
but harder in dirt, but it can be done. Follow those tracks until you see evidence of a hit.The tracks will be there, the tracks will be very noticeable running dow the hill. Find a blood trail or hair. Determine colour of blood go from there.Don't always expect to find a dead animal.They maybe beaded Move carefully use you binos. Look carefully at every tall grass stump fallen tree anything that it can use as camo.Expect this thing to go far, if he is not confident about his shot placement. so be persistant. If it is hit at 75 yards away with a .270 blood hair bone or something should be present somewhere along those tracks.
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