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Default Advise for Newbie - Ariel Photo help

This is my 2nd year hunting I'm 30yrs old. This land has been in my wifes family for generations. My father in law says 5+years ago they would go and it deer were running around non stop and they were always getting shots and all around them sounded like a war zone. Last 4 years have quiet, although we did get a buck and doe last year.

Here is my deal I'm in my second year and I have yet to get a deer. On my map I put little yellow dots where family members setup at and a red dot where I setup this year. White lines show valleys that run north and south and east and west. They are pretty steep drop offs, nothing bad enough that I can't walk up and down though. This year there were a lot of shots off to the far east, some to the north and west. Never too much action to the south. The big white circle represents a big hill on the land on the south side of the property.

I'm posting this pic because I understand you all can look at it and recommend top areas to sit.

some other pics of deer I've taken this year.
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