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Default Nikkon Prostaff scope dial question. Help!

So I purchased a new Nikkon Prostaff 3-9 x 40 for my muzzleloader which is the same one as I have on my .270. After trying to site this muzzleloader in I finally quite and took it back to Cabelas. They bore sighted the scope and it showed I was off which I knew, however the thing I did not know was that the guy told me you have to follow your miss on these dials. So if I was missing up I turned the dial up and shooting left move dial in left direction, etc, etc. I do not ever remember sighting in a scope that was like this?
I guess I don't mind if it works but I just always assumed if your shooting high you move the dial in the down direction?? Feel like an idiot as I'm no rookie to hunting but I just don't sight many new scopes in very often. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks! Go Huskers!
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