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Ok guys at 1005 this morning the damn swamp donkey walks right under my tree literally I am watching him through my treestand platform. He walks out on a trail that takes him 13 yards away and there he stands broadside. I don't have a 10 yard pin so I put the 20 yard pin low on him right on the heart and let it fly. It smacks him right where I put my pin. He death kicks and jump a fence right in front of him and goes about 60 yards and I'm thinking its over. He just stands there for about 10 minutes. I get the binocs and he is pouring blood out of the exit which I can see went out of his right front leg and it looks like a low exit. I was sure I got the heart so I sat tight. He stumbled off really slow out of sight so I snuck out and got reinforcements. We head back in about an hours and a half later. We get on the blood trail that Ray Charles could follow and the next thing you know we have tracked good blood for several hundred yards now. We go across a bald pasture and he pops up in front of us. He makes it about 75 yards and lays in a thicket. We decide to go eat Thanksgiving dinner at my place and leave him to die. I go back in about 3 hours later and go right to the spot where is was bedded and he is gone. Big spot of blood but no big deer. So I start back on the trail which is pretty easy to follow and I get about 300 yards along and he pops up again and manages to make it over a short fence and I let him go out of sight and I left for the day. I plan to go back in tomorrow and see what the deal is. I'll tell you guys that I have shot a bunch of deer with a bow and have not made a bad shot like this in some time. This deer was magnificant. A true beast of a deer and he did exactly what I wanted him to do and I fouled it up. I'm truly sorry guys and I hope to maybe have better news tomorrow. It's supposed to 19 tonight and I'm hoping that will stove him up enough that he'll die where he laid. I sure hope so. I have been waiting on a deer like this all year and have passed several 140 and low 150 bucks for this one. I'll let everyone know tomorrow. I can't imagine what went wrong on the shot. I held low intentionally because the last few does I have shot I whacked them a little high. I didn't want to do that to this big boy so I put it right on his heart fellas and I don't know what went wrong. Any thoughts would sure help. Good or bad. Let me know what I did wrong or did right. I need to learn from this so this doesn't happen again.
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