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Default Nice buck taken out of NH woods.

We spent NH Opening Day at the camp as usual and two good things happened. Our buddy, in his 2nd year shot his first deer. It was a spike that dresed at 125. He's in his 40's and decided to join our small group last year after going through Hunter's Safety, etc. We were all very happy that he "joined our club".

Then on Thu, the next day, one of my sons shot his big buck. When I got the call at 3:45, he was 3/4 mile away in nasty swamp. He said he shot a "nice one" and definitely needed help. Within an hour he had 3 more guys help with the drag. It took us 4 1/2 hours to get him out because of the thick, nasty woods and swamp with ridges. It was all worth it. He shot a beautiful big racked 9 pointer that dressed at exactly 200 pounds. After he registered the deer, it was weighed twice to be certain of the weight. Both times it weighed in at exactly 200 pounds.
A few years ago he shot a big racked 10 pointer and this one had an even larger rack.

I will post pics soon.
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