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heck of a day on Saturday. Day started real slow. My back started to kill me so I sat down. I was down no more then 5 minutes when I looked over my back shoulder and seen a deer. I stood and grabbed the bow. Peeked around the tree to see two standing there. Both doe. I started thinking well maybe they'll bring him in. Got a better look and noticed that they were tiny fawn just out of spots. They ended up passing by and out of the area. Things got quiet for about an hour when I heard grunting coming from the same direction they came from. Realized it was my buddy so I get ready. I look up and see a big doe about 80 yards out. She runs and stops looks back and runs again. Following her was a huge 8 point. I grunted and he looks up but continued to follow her out. Turns out my buddy didn't see those two, he was grunting a huge buck that ran the other direction. We ended the day with one of the greatest moments ever. My son got his first archery doe and she was big.
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