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Default Weather getting better

Its been so warm her on Tue and Wed. it was in the 70 ,s .
Today low to mid 40,s
Tonight well its now 1220 am its 32 degrees .
Suppose to be mid 40,s and low 30,s net few days , should get them going ...
I,v only seen a couple small bucks doing some head bannging a week or so ago abought 4 days straight .
One was shot at. yup neighbor or non of his younger hunting buddies took 2 shots at one of them a fw days ago .
I havent seen either since...
I no nothing I can do or say its his land ..
I like to keep the younger deer around to let them mature .
I was young and eager once to , so been there done that..
Anyways good luck this weekend ..
I need to hit the sack or I,m not getting up in the a,m,
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