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Default First deer with a bow!

This is my third deer, and first with a bow. Shot him this morning at 9:30, about 15 yard shot. He is a six pointer.

Also, I think the rut may be getting started in Northern Virginia. Here is the story: I got up at 5 this morning and drove an hour and 20 minutes to my club property. Got in the stand right at about 6:30. At about 8 I see a deer behind me about 70 yards off in thin pines, and after a few seconds I can tell it is a good buck. He was headed away from me so I hit the bleat call to try to get him in. After about 5 minutes I see him again crossing a trail still moving in the same direction, he is following two does. He is REALLY interested in one doe in particular, after circling around me almost 180 degrees about 80 yards out, they are in another thin stand of pines and he is literally chasing her around in circles. I am hitting the bleat call and the grunt call and I have estrous scent out, and this buck will not leave this doe. Eventually they cross the powerline away from me after about 15 minutes of this. This buck was probably an 8 or a really big 6, he was bigger than the one I ended up getting.

So then right at about 9:30, I am thinking about getting out of the stand and still hunting, when I catch sight of the hind quarters of a deer in basically the same spot I first saw the other buck but moving in the opposite direction. He too is angling away from me, so I hit the bleat call not even knowing if he was a buck or doe. This novice comes right in to the bleat call like I was reeling him in on a fishing line. I nailed him right in the sweet spot, ever so slightly quartering away from me, and I got a clean pass through. I could see a lot of blood pouring out almost instantly. He ran directly west away from me, I wasn't sure how far but I knew I had made a good shot. I could see the arrow covered in blood from my stand. I backed out and waited 1.5 hours just to be extra safe since this is my first deer with a bow, and then I went in and found him less than 60 yards from my stand.
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