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Originally Posted by TFOX View Post
... I am not saying that they need a laser tuned bow.They need a bow that is setup correctly and IMO,centershot is 1 step behind a properly spined arrow.I can usually give them that with an eyeball tune. My eyeball tune will usually have broadheads within 2" of a fieldpoint at 20 yards.
This is where we are in complete agreement. An eyeball tune from someone as competent as you is good enough for accuracy at hunting distances.

You're a bit better at the eyeball than I am. I usually can't get closer than 6" or 8".

For any archer shooting any distance, that level of set up is adequate as a place to start. Then the tuning begins. I'm of the opinion that if you ain't shooting, you ain't tuning. Lasers and other gizmos are just for set up. But that's just a matter of semantics.

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