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I'm not going to harp on the technical side of things here because as I have written before, 'There are a lot of ways to get a golf ball in a hole.' Tuning a bow can be done with little to no equipment at all or all the latest lasers and tuners and all that fancy mess. It is really up to the tech doing the work.

Travis, and everyone else, what you really have to think about here is exactly how or what good and to what end your product is meeting the needs of the end user?

I set up well over 200 bows a year just myself and we have two other techs in the shop, one of whom sets up easily twice as many as myself. What I want to know is exactly what this device that will likely cost is excess of $100 retail and will now be a potential theft item/tool on the archery work counter and will require special batteries that are expensive and will get left on overnight and die and etc etc..... how is this superior to a $4.99 bowsquare? How is it more accurate?

Additionally, nobody in our shop uses brass nock points except in certain situations where someone has an older ball bearing or gator jaw release and just doesn't want to part with their release... we tie in soft nocks at our shop.

As far as the validity of the true center of the bowstring... I find myself in agreeance with bigbulls, as I usually do considering we share professions in different parts of the country. The sticky on the top of the tech forum on tiller tuning pretty much sums it up for me infact and I don't think it bears repeating here.

I agree with Allen that you are certainly a creative out of the box thinker Travis and you'll do well at whatever you pursue in life... just make sure you are solving a problem that doesn't already have an answer. Best of luck.

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