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I saw 2 bucks on sat and 2 on sun. All were just over 30 yds, no real shot, tried grunting, no effect. It almost looks like the bucks have someplace to go, period. It's like "I don't care if your there or not, I'm going !" There heads kept bobbing up and down as they walked. Then, I tried a little bleating, no effect, except for one buck who had only 1 tall antler. I guess he'd take anything he could get that walked by. He came down, looked around sniffing back and forth, and when he found nothing, walked off.
We saw a huge 6 and an 8 pointer walking together as we were clearing out some firing lines at our gun club on sunday morning. We were running a gas powered expandable tree saw, and they walked with 40 yards of us, kept on a decent walking pace, and acted like we weren't even there. (Please, oh, please come back on opening day of rifle!!!)
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