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You've obviously put a lot of work into your laser jig and have a pretty good tool. But for me it's a tool that solves a problem I don't have and have never had. Even when I was a novice, getting a basic tune was pretty easy. Nock height and center shot (within reason) is just not that important to accurate shooting.

The only use I can think of is for the "techs" in the big box stores. The guy who was stocking the clothing aisle last week and today is working the archery department. But to use your jig, even he needs more training than he is likely to get.

I think that if I saw a tech trying to set up my bow with lasers (except the one for cam lean) I would politely ask for my bow back and find another shop.

Initial set up of nock height and centershot is just a very preliminary step and getting it precise is not as important as being sure that the overall set up is good. IMHO, the most important part of set up is getting the draw length right for the individual archer. After that getting the cams timed and centered is far more important for a novice than nock and centershot. Unfortunately, your jig doesn't help with these except possibly for cam lean.

I hate to rain on somebody's parade when they've put so much of themselves into a tool, but I don't see much of a use for it. Keep thinking like you do, you'll come up with the next big thing one of these days. Is there a way to use your lasers to more accurately adjust cam timing and synchronization?

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