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Default Grunt and rattle....

I,ve been seeing 2 young bucks sparrring or playing almost every morning a few hundred yards down a field where I hunt .
1 looks like a 4 pointer ant the other a spike ,
They lock heads and play around for a good half hour or so , then they will eat a little then do it again..
Seams to be mostly in the morning ..
I tried a little gunting and I believe it spooked them , Both bucks and a bunch of does trotted off abought the third grunt later..
I,ve tried a little ratttling with a rattle bag , but no luck ,
I no that grunting works Not ALL the time but around and during the rut it WORKS ..
A couple years ago I had 2 bigger bucks after the same doe ..
Grunted all three right by my stand,, The big 9 pointer is on my wall ..
Next morning had a freind sit in another stand close by , used a little tinks 69 and a few grunts right after day light and guess who showed up . The other 7 pointer,,
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