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was out on Monday evening and had no action until about 30 minutes before dark. I figure what the heck and gave a good 5 second grunt. From up the hill a good buck comes hauling down the hill. It stayed about 70 yards out and in some heavy brush so I never got a good look at him. As night fell, I started climbing down out of the tree. I try to be a little noisy to keep them out of the area, but instead it drew two huge deer in. They stood at about 10 yards the whole time I climbed out. I could barely make out the outline of the deer but I am going to say both buck. Anyway they hung around until I was on the ground gathering up my stuff before the trotted away. I guess they thought a little fight was going on? As I was leaving the area I caught three good bucks sparring in a little field. Not full hard contact, but hard enough to get the blood pumping.
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