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Originally Posted by travis_ranger2000 View Post
A novice or new shooter buys a new bow, bow tech eye balls his arrow in, or I laser in his arrow, which one gives the shooter more confidence, and which one makes the shooter work on his/her form more. I don't believe a novice shooter can tune in his/her bow without proper form.
How in the hell does either method improve a shooters form or give him more confidence? "Look guys my center shot was lasered in, therefore, I have more confidence than you."

I say with someone by his side, they can help him correct bad form, what is a laser going to do, is it going to say "Stop canting the bow" or is it going to see that he needs to move the rest left a sixteenth? Not too many people are going to buy a bow off the shelf and run out the door without working with the tech, and any good bow shop would never let that happen.

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