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The first part you'll have to consult with your state hunting regulations.(I'm assuming such)

Typically shooting a deer in a certain area... as well as gutting it, etc, will not spook to the deer as so far as to have them leave the area. In fact, if you hunt enough and have hunted one spot several times right after the kill scene or gut pile, you'll notice some go right up to it. I'm also talking about doe groups, spikes, forks, smaller 6's and similar. I haven't yet been fortunate enough to see a Big Boy walk in to investigate. I also make sure I drag the deer off far enough away when I do gut them.

Yes, the scrape under the "licking" branch is a good thing! There are also ones that are not as productive for larger bucks, if that's your thing. I've haven't had much luck with scrapes that border the edge of fields during late morning to early evening. I've seen more in that situation at early mornings and later evenings. I do prefer scrapes in spots that appear to be in thicker and out of the way areas, so to speak. I also get a little more excited on ones where there's rubs around as well as many does. I think the more open scrapes are more apt to be visited during the later darker hours of the night... unless it's a strong rut where bucks can be anywhere at any time. You don't need to add urine or lure to the scrape if you don't want. If you take your rubber or clean boot or even a stick, and scrape up some of the dirt to "freshen" it up a bit, that'll be enough to get their visual attention. Then they'll at least stop and have a quick whiff.

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