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Default Thank god for acorns

Some years where we hunt in Orange County, we see few deer cause there's no acorns around, and no reason to pass through our area. But this year, the place is full of acorns, buck rubs, tons of scrapes, and we saw quite a few deer both Sat & Sun. I had a nice 3 pointer, real high and thick, check his scrape not 10 yards from the tent. Could have nailed if for my first bow kill, but decided to let him go. (My son's still giving me a load of shahola for passing on em.) Saw a small 6 bout 35 yds, but just a little too far and not a good shot anyway. Can't wait till we start using scent around halloween to see what they do. Only get the weekends to hunt, but will be an interesting season. Great start so far. Good luck to all.
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