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Default Advice wanted on how to hunt this spot

I've spent most of my time bow hunting forested areas, but I've recently received permission to hunt a 20 acre parcel that has me stymied. Most of it is former ag land, but has grown back to tall weeds and brush (some of it is over 10 feet tall). I noted an area with a lot of rubs and scrapes in it along with some beds, so bucks are apparently using the field for cover and bedding. The problem I'm having is determining where to set up and how to hunt it. The woods on the east side are, for the most part, too small to hang a trees stand (<8 inch diameter). The east line of the property has a huge white oak on it, so I'm guessing they'll start feeding there soon now that the crops are being harvested.

Should I be looking at a ground blind (pop up?) situation here? If so, where would you set up to hunt this properly without spooking the deer out of it, and yet still get a shot given the heavy cover (tall weeds and brush)?
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