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Default Starting to get frustrated.

Well it's been about 3 weeks since the start of WI bow season, and in that time I've seen 5 deer in shooting range and another 2-3 that I had seen several nights taking the same route.

My trail cam was picking up pics normally from 2am-4am then usually from like 5:30-800am. Now suddenly I'm seeing NOTHING and the trail cam is picking them up from 10pm to 3am and that's it.

Now the land where I'm hunting right now is 13 acres (I know not much) and I have permission to retrieve my deer from the surrounding land owners, but I haven't asked to hunt the land.

Do you guys have any ideas? Attached is a picture of the land and a rough sketch out of the deer movement, from what I can figure from the deer I've seen and the trail cam.

Think I should wait it out and wait for the rut to start/ their patterns to change again or try and get permission to hunt the adjoining land?

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