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Description: On the 3rd evening of our 5 day hunt, Brandon (my guide) dropped me off at a cut bean field edge and told me that a nice shooter had been seen in this field at dark the night before. So I grabbed my climber and headed into the woods in the general area that the buck was spotted. The closest good climbing tree that I could find was about 30 yards inside the field edge. It was a brisk 88 degrees and I was sweating a little (a lot) once I finally got perched into my tree. It was just before last light when I heard a deer sneeze down in the bottom. I picked my binoculars and started glassing the woods. I could hear footsteps heading in my direction, and then I saw his rack emerge from behind a white oak 20 yards away. He finally got to within twelve yards, and just minutes of legal shooting light left, I drew my bow. I could not find my peep and could barely see my pins. So I settled my knuckle behind my jaw (where it felt normal), put my 20 yard pin right behind his dark shoulder and squeezed the trigger. BAM, he hit the ground (dropped in his tracks). I broke him down at his front shoulders and he was paralyzed from there back. When Brandon got there to pick me up, we went over to him and a put another arrow in him to finish him off. There laid my first Pope and Young buck!!! I was excited to say the least.
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