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Really, I have never understood why baiting is "illegal". We are over-run with deer in many states and I would think that the respective DNRs would encourage any ethical solutions to harvesting more deer. All of the rumors of increased disease transmissions, reliance on baiting as a primary food source, etc. are just not scientifically founded. For those who want a more challenging hunt, more power to you.

I bait, because it is legal and it allows me to bring deer into a more ethically killing zone. Not to mention at least get them to stop for a shot. My BIGGEST concern when hunting is making an ethical kill (period). Baiting assists this task.

I do not hunt over a feeder or put 100's of pounds of corn out... I ussually spread about 25 pounds of corn around my stand in piles where I have clearings (open shots). I might through a couple apples around for good measure.

Anyway, I know I just hijacked this thread, but I needed to get that off my chest...
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