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I would think that the riser shelf should be dropped atleast 5/8 of an inch so that the bow can shoot an arrow with a broadhead perfect center?
Correct, but the problem with doing this is that you would also have to lower the throat of the grip by the same amount. The grip on my destroyer is already a full inch below dead center. The farther you move the grip below center the less balanced the bow becomes. There has to be a compromise between the nocking point and throat of the grip.

This is why manufacturers like Bowtech and Hoyt have chosen to sculpt out the riser shelf instead of leaving it flat like most other manufacturers do. It moves the arrow closer to true center with out adversely effecting the position of the grip.

For general information..... the top edge of the shelf on my destroyer is dead center also. I couldn't position a nock or loop dead center of the string.
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