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Default Official 2010-2011 Predator Contest Sign Up Thread

Alright guys, Seems like there is some interest in starting a new predator contest, I never knew we had one but I killed around 25 last year here in PA I'd be glad to start a new contest, assuming people want to do it, I don't know if there will be enough people to do teams nor do I know if there will be enough interest to even have a decent contest.

Rules should be something like this:
  • Must post a picture of yourself with the kill including your weapon
  • Must be taken by legal means
  • All entries must be entered within 10 days of the harvest (If more time is needed, PM me and we'll work something out)
  • Contest starts October 14, 2010 and will end March 31, 2010
  • Mountain Lion-50
  • Coyote-25
  • Fox(red/kit/gray)-20
  • Bobcat-20
  • Raccoon-10
  • Opossum-10
Scoring is done PER animal, so if you kill 3 foxes that's 60 points; 2 raccoon's that's 20 And so on.

I can't really think of much else, should be an awesome season, I'm looking forward to see what happens with this. Anyone has any other ideas on how to improve this or anything that should be taken into consideration then just let me know I'll make sure I add it.


If you want in on the action, Post your name.

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