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Originally Posted by bigbulls View Post
Measure from the top axle to nocking point and from the bottom axle to the nocking point. It is not in the center of the string. If you put your loop or nocking point in the dead center of the string (which is where this tool sounds like it would put it) it is going to be at least an inch too low.
This is because everyone is set in thier own ways and have been going off the plunger hole as I have for along time. I just went to the garage and lasered the riser shelf of my Mathews Switchback XT, it was an inch off center, raised the laser a half an inch and it was perfect center. Now knowing this, my broadheads have to be turned so that they will not hit the shelf. I just lasered in the riser shelf of my PSE X-Force and the shelf was dead center, and it is a twin cam bow. I would think that the riser shelf should be dropped atleast 5/8 of an inch so that the bow can shoot an arrow with a broadhead perfect center?

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