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Originally Posted by SteveBNy View Post
Any ozone machine that meets the legal ppm requirement for indoor use cannot physically produce enough ozone to have any effect in an uncontrolled outdoor
environment. Just plain scientificaly impossible with any wind movement at all and the limited 1/2 life of ozone.
I understand the apprehension in believing in this product. In fact had Todd not posted success with it, I would have never given it a second glance. However, though Todd is a professional hunter he is not on the same par as some of the more notable celebrities who's actual job is selling product. I truly don't believe he would support any product that didn't work or he didn't believe in regardless of fiscal gain or sponsorship. I know too many people who have used it and have had success for hunting and removing odors from their homes and vehicles to not believe it works to some degree. To quote Andre D'Aquisto "The sign doesn't lie" hard to argue with success.
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