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I have heard it both ways. On the one hand, some people thinks that if a deer smells a Fox in the woods that they will not be scared because a Fox will not enter a area unless it is safe.
On the other hand, I have seen Fox running beside a major highway in the middle of the winter when the snow was too deep to walk though the drifts - searching for road kills along the highway.

The other thing is - if you were a deer, and you lived in a one square mile area, and you knew every deer in that one square mile area, anytime something different came into your area - you would know about it pretty quick - as soon as you smelled it.

A hot doe to a prime buck might smell like fried chicken to you and me, but if the buck was spooked, it might become a warning sign to that deer that you have returned to your stand.

To me a cover scent has nothing to do with deer lure.

You could take a bath in deer pee and never see a buck for as much as it means to me. It all has to do with catching the urine of a doe in heat, which only happens once a month, starting in the fall - when ever your deer begins to rut. The doe will continue to go in heat once a month for every month after that until she is impregnated or dries up.

The only pee that means anything to me is the pee from the month that the bucks goes in rut. Because in my opinion - that is the month that it is probably the stinkiest and some unscrupulous deer breeders probably mixes pee from all times of the year to get a higher yield.
That pee would be of little value to me.

Now if I was a deer and I smelled corn or apples or acorns - I would come running.
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