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My buddy has been borrowing my backup 870 slug gun the past few seasons. I made him just purchase a 220f. He paid $525 for the black stock.
They were $475 a couple of months ago, he put if off and now paid a premium. The good news is I'll be sighting it in for him. Can't wait!
I'll try the SST and the Federal Barnes. I know the Barnes pattern well because my other buddy has a 220f. His 9 year old took a doe at 17 yds and a yote at 51 yds last night during the youth gun season.

I alway preach to shoot as much as possible. My buddy who has been borrowing my 870 missed a few deer last year under 75 yds. He was blaming the gun was off. He comes back to camp bitching, I took the gun, gave it to another buddy to test fire it at a pumpkin at 50 yds off hand.

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